The Aries Full Moon will be on September 29 at 7.57 pm (AEST), keeping the emphasis on personal achievements whilst maintaining equality and alliances with necessary partners. At 6 degrees and 00 minutes of the sign, this is the first minute beginning the 7th degree of Aries, with the Sabian Symbol for the Moon, “A man succeeds in expressing himself simultaneously in two realms”, the first realization of the dual nature of man and the possibilities it implies, from living two separate lives!

The symbol for the Sun in the 7th degree of Libra is “A woman feeding chickens and protecting them from the hawks”. The need to face the antagonism of the powers of darkness as one attempts to feed the minds of as yet, helpless, and frightened apprentices, in other words, guardianship.

This will be the last extra bright, “Super” Moon of 2023, shining a light on balancing individual rights with the collective greater good. The Moon will be conjunct dwarf planet Salacia, Goddess of the Salty Oceans, and wife of Neptune, often associated with dolphins.

Sol and Luna will form a Mystical Rectangle with Easy Oppositions (sextile and trine) to Eros and Charliko in Aquarius, opposite asteroids Imhotep and Asteria in Leo. This Mystical Rectangle will help to resolve the integration of the Full Moon, through providing healing and adaptive energy that promotes equality and individuality; as well as building healing structures associated with the Starry Sky……