Numerology Reading

It has been scientifically proven that all matter within the Universe vibrates at a certain frequency. Greek philosopher Pythagoras established that each number vibrates with a different energy, around 500 BCE. He believed every thing in the cosmos, including letters, had a relationship to mathematics and numbers.  Pythagoras developed a practice of numerology based on the harmonics of the numbers involved at an individual’s birth, relating the impact of those numbers to the development of their soul.

Numerology builds from a belief that a soul reincarnates over many lifetimes to learn lessons in exercising it’s free will…

Parents name their child in reaction to the vibration they feel from the child’s higher self. The soul selects a child with the right set of numbers, to enable it to take on the lessons it wishes to evolve through, in a particular incarnation. As such, some numbers may have karma overtones attached to them, which require special attention to be overcome.

The harmonic at which any number is expressed, can vibrate in a manner that is balanced, or that over or under expresses the associated energy. An experienced numerologist is able to blend the many numbers in the client’s make up, to determine how well they integrate together and suggest courses of action which may help the client optimize their developmental journey through life.

Awareness of your numerological profile, through a numerology consultation, helps to validate the life experience to date and opens the mind to the frequencies of future cycles to come. The profile can provide useful insight into tendencies, potential talents and suitable vocations. It can assist in obtaining better understanding of the traits of family members and help to develop strategies to improve relationships.

Your Numerology reading can also be undertaken as part of a Combination Reading.

Numerology Reading Consultation

“All things are numbers”

Pythagoras 500 BCE

“The Universe was created by three forms of expression – Numbers, Letters and Words”

The Zohar – a 13th century collection of mystical kabbalistic writings

“Letters in all alphabets represent definite powers. To study the vibratory value of numbers and letters is to study the divine creative energies in various degrees of manifestation”

Pythagoras 500 BCE

Consultation Price: $150 AUD for 45 mins: $156 including PayPal surcharge)