Palmistry & Hand Analysis Course

Palmistry is such a wonderful ice breaker for introducing spiritual abilities. When you say you work with tarot or astrology, many people are wary or sceptical. But mention that you read palms and you are instantly inundated with hands! Sara learned the art by accident and was amazed at the depth it brought when added to her tool box of insights to help people. For those who “feel”, it has the added advantage of the sensation gained through holding a hand.

Each week in the palmistry course, different aspects of the hand are covered so that you gradually build up a framework of knowledge to draw upon. In the first lesson students are given the opportunity to buy the simple tools needed to produce hand prints and trained how to use them. The special water based paint and hand roller are made available at cost price in class. Students are encouraged to bring along hand prints of family members, workmates and friends for the class to broaden the range of examples that are available to assess. Sara also includes many examples of famous people and entertainers that can be used as learning tool. Every hand is so different and very few resemble the photos or diagrams seen in books.

Previously Sara had separated Palmistry from the Fingerprint Analysis she has taught  for many years, as part of her “Finding Your Life Purpose” workshop. By synchronicity she had also spent a lifetime researching goddess archetypes  through myth, and more recently through the asteroids associated with intuitive abilities, in the charts of those who work with them on a daily basis. She is so excited to be able to pull this wisdom together and build on the existing bodies of knowledge in this field and share it with others. The palmistry course:

  • Combines traditional palmistry wisdom and  modern research
  • Enables you to quickly identify life purpose & life lessons from the fingerprints and gift markings
  • Connects hand characteristics to goddess archetypes from mythology
  • Is a practical hands on course, with a research basis, delivered by a practicing palmist and hand analyst

palmistry course hand analysis

Testimonials from previous students:

“Sara’s unique balance in her teaching ability with her in-depth knowledge really gives her students in-depth insights and great practical experience to work with.   Great course Sara, can’t wait for next one!”

“Sara is patient & supportive and helps you in the direction you need to go. A guiding light. Thank you xxoo”
Mary Ellen

“Sara is a very knowledgeable teacher who brings her unique experience and passion to her courses & workshops. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to learn about themselves from a deeper perspective.”

“l loved the depth of information in the notes and the way it was ordered to allow consolidation from week to week. Sara’s approach is very personal and dynamic, leaving her students empowered with refined goals.”


$50 AUD non-refundable enrolment fee followed by a $75 AUD instalment per class
or $750 AUD when Paid in Full up front

Payment options are listed on the Home Page

Paypal Payments including the surcharge are $78 per week and $780 in full using the buttons below

Pay for the course in weekly instalments – $75 x 10