Deeper Understanding of Chiron Wounds with Mercury

Mercury moves to connect with Chiron and Uranus on Saturday. Perfecting at 10.08 am the trickster will start by forming a productive sextile to Chiron, giving you the opportunity to dig deeper for a better understanding of your Chiron wound and themes as well as to communicate and express them to others.

Venus Quincunx Neptune Fantasy or Reality

Relationships can be a little confusing over the next 24 hours with Venus making an awkward quincunx aspect to Neptune.  Of course Neptune is often referred to as the higher octave of Venus and this involves bringing in more compassion, sensitivity and imagination. 

Pisces Full Moon: Time to Clarify Your Future

The Pisces Full Moon will bring her clarity to shine on your material world on September 14, she will be at 21 degrees and 05 minutes, the 22nd degree of Pisces, with the Sun opposite in Virgo.   The Moon in Pisces will connect up with Black Moon Lilith from midnight until 4 am, AEST), so there will be a feeling of resentment in your dreams about being undervalued because you were a woman not a man!

Sagittarius Full Moon with Saturn

The Sagittarius Full Moon with Saturn in the driving seat will fall on 30 May, at 0.20 am (AEST). This Full Moon will illuminate the wisdom in your soul. In Sagittarius the truth from this powerful Moon has the power to heal after she has burnt away the dross.

Penumbral Lunar Eclipse, Leo Full Moon 2017

Penumbral Lunar Eclipse, Leo Full Moon falls on February 11 at 11.34 am (AEDT). Obviously, in daylight, it will not be visible here in Australia, but the US will see it at Moon rise, most of the Asian region at Moon set, and Europe will be able to see it all.