Birth Chart Rectification

The position of the cosmic bodies in the sky at the instant of your birth is a blueprint for your purpose in this lifetime.  It contains the details of your character, your potential and your personality and describes the opportunities and challenges that will be there for you to face throughout your lifetime.

The instant of your birth is shown on the astrology chart by your Ascendant point which forms the horizon that dissects the chart horizontally. This point is used to calculate the unique structure of your chart which allocates 12 zones of the zodiac to different aspects of your life known as “houses”. The astrologer uses these to pin points which areas of your life and development, are likely to be impacted by each of the planetary energies.

Whilst it is preferable to check your birth time through your parents, family or hospital records, if an accurate time is not available, this can be determined through tracking the positions of the slower moving outer planets, against the timing of significant events from your life. This process is called Birth Chart Rectification, and is one of the services that Sara provides.

The first step is to find the sign of the Ascendant and as this point also describes your physical appearance to some extent, it is useful if you can provide a clear recent photograph of yourself. It is also very helpful if your family can provide a rough clue around the timing of your birth.

Download the Rectification Questionnaire

Download the Rectification Questionnaire and include as much information as possible provided, with a photograph, when you make your order. It is helpful to provide as much detail as possible and accurate dates will provide the best result, although month and year will give some indication.

Birth Chart Rectification

“In order to set the structure for your Natal or Birth Chart an astrologer needs to know what sign and degree of the Zodiac the Earth was turning through, at the instant you were born. This is calculated using the date, location and time of your birth.  As the Earth rotates through one degree of the Zodiac every 4 minutes, the time needs to be as accurate as possible”

Sara Gilbert

Chart Price: $175 or $185.00 with Paypal surcharge