Parties, Entertainment & Corporate Events

Sara can be found most Sundays showcasing her services through a stall at Melbourne’s Psychic Expos across Melbourne and it’s surrounds.

She has worked in the Psychic Reading Room at the Mind Body Spirit Festival for over 10 years and has regularly provided her reading services for parties, ladies nights, entertainment and corporate events through organizations such as Mystic Party Entertainment, Harriet Potty’s Tarot Magick, Tarot Guild of Australia, Mystical Dragon and Fireworks.

Sara provides these type of party reading services directly to your event through her own business, Life Spirit Connections. She can be hired for a minimum of two hours at $400 AUD, with an additional hourly rate of $200. Payment is required in advance but no additional cost is required for travelling expenses.

She generally provides 5 to 15 minute tarot or palm readings for this purpose, but longer readings such as numerology and astrology chart analysis are possible with 30 minute reading slots, as well as combinations.

Sara has worked at many corporate events, both as entertainment in conjunction with end of year dinners and celebrations, or alternatively providing readings at the company for employee appreciation days. Whilst payment in advance is preferred, she is prepared to work with the company within their policies regarding invoicing and payment, if required.

Give Sara a call on 0412 235 935 or send her an email through the contact page to discuss your requirements and request a quote for your event.

Payments can be made by clicking the buttons on this page which take you to the order form.

corporate events

corporate events parties


Event Prices:

$250 AUD for 2 hours

$370 AUD for 3 hours

$490 AUD for 4 hours