Synastry or Couple Consultation

It is through relationship that we are able to learn the most about ourselves. We draw the right people into our lives in order to teach us what we need to know. This is often referred to as mirroring or projection, as we search for what is missing within us in other people. It is on this psychological truth that the old simplistic maxim “opposites attract” is so aptly based! When we become upset or angry with the way others are behaving or the feedback they are giving us, they are pressing our buttons, we usually believe it is their issue, but in actual fact, we need to re-examine our behaviour too. The tricky part is working out what is our stuff to be dealt with and what is theirs!

Many techniques exist in astrology for comparing and combining two peoples charts in order to enable them to foresee areas within their relationship, where they are likely to get on well together and potential areas where conflicts could be anticipated down the track. This should not be viewed as an indication of whether the couple are “right” for each other or whether the relationship can “work”. It is just useful to be able to look at your personalities and work out how you could enhance the way you interact with each other, nurture the relationship, rather than merely react from an emotional basis and allocate blame on each other for what isn’t working.

Even for single individuals it can be useful to use astrology to understand what kind of person is going to meet your needs and to examine your illusions to see if they are likely to bring you happiness in the longer term.

synastry consultation

“Where there are irresolvable dilemmas, astrology can often suggest adult compromises. The gift it provides is clear seeing, it acts as a wise third party, mirroring each lover’s viewpoint, needs and nature with neutrality and evolutionary insight. When used sensitively it does not judge, it promotes mutual understanding.”

Steven & Jodie Forrest – Skymates

Chart Price: $200 AUD for 1 hour