The Goddess Within Workshop

In 1989 Gestalt and Jungian psychologists Jennifer Barker Woolger and Roger J Woolger published a seminal book, based on their work with workshops on goddess psychology, “The Goddess Within”. It explored the archetypes of six Greek Goddesses in the lives of modern women. These archetypes validate the feminine as it truly presents itself from your soul, reflected by behaviour patterns, not as today’s society dictates that women should be. The goddess archetypes validate women to be as they were meant to be, providing a source of freedom and understanding that you can tap into, regardless of what life path you have chosen to take. This will remove unfair expectations that your upbringing has placed on you and help you navigate the turning points in your life, by understanding which goddess type is operating most strongly at the time. This approach encourages you to bring more harmony between the various goddess qualities, as having one goddess dominate the personality denies the richness that can come from having them all in balance.

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“Sometimes a connection from our past lives needs amplification, by returning to the place of origin, in order to make itself known. Sacred sites carry energy of their own from the past, which is palpable and can act as a catalyst enabling us to make previously unperceived linkages. I have been here before…… “

Sara Gilbert

$175 AUD or $182.50 with the Paypal surcharge
10pm to 5pm on Saturday or Sunday

The Greek Gods and Goddesses were secretized by the Romans who latinized their names in the process. The tradition in astrology has been to give the planets and first asteroids the Roman name, hence Aphrodite has the same characteristics as the archetype for Venus. Pallas Athena, the second asteroid to be discovered was the first exception to this. Sara has identified three polarities within the six goddess archetypes in the same manner as we see with opposite signs (like Aries to Libra) and opposite houses (like 1st house of self to 7th house of other or relationship):

Hera (Juno) — Aphrodite (Venus)
Athena (Minerva) — Artemis (Diana)
Demeter (Ceres) — Persephone (Prosperina)

This relates archetypically to:
The Wife — The Other Woman
Corporate Career — Freedom & Nature
The Mother — The Inner World

During the workshop participants will assess their own behavioural patterns using the questionnaire developed by the Woolgers. This provides a clear picture of the relative dominance of the six goddess archetypes in their lives. This quite often resonates at powerful levels and brings a clear recognition of any major pattern that has influenced your life, especially when one or more of the polarities described above is very heavily biased to one end or the other. Deeper discussion of both the positive and more challenging aspects of each archetype pattern and sharing experiences with the other participants will enable you to understand why you have lived the life you have so far, as well as offering potential for transformative growth in the future.

Additional information gained from the position of the relevant planetary bodies in your natal chart and the connections and patterns that they with different areas of your life can help to present you with a more complete picture. Sara is trained in evolutionary astrology, working with the Lunar Nodes to gain information about past life emotional patterning and what you have come here to heal as your life purpose. This can be applied to help you further understand the balance of the different goddess archetypes in your personality and determine what changes may be beneficial to meet your purpose.

What this workshop will help you identify:

  • Why you are the woman that you are
  • Repetitive patterns that have occurred throughout your lifetime
  • The breakdown of the six goddess archetypes in your make up
  • Reasons why you are drawn to or repelled by the mythology of different Greek Goddesses
  • Whether potential courses of action are required to bring your goddess archetypes more into balance