Evolutionary or Soul Chart Reading

An Evolutionary or Soul Chart Consultation places special emphasis on past life and life purpose aspects revealed by the Natal chart, through examining the Lunar Nodes and their connections in depth. These two points in the sky, where the apparent path of the Sun around the Earth, crosses the Moon’s monthly orbit around the Earth, are known as the South and North Node of the Moon. By sign, position and aspect, they give indications of where we have come from and what we are here to develop into.

Steven Forrest often refers to this as “the chart behind the chart”. The emotional patterning and learned behaviours you have brought forward with you will be revealed, along with possible opportunities to convert them into your meaningful life purpose, during this lifetime. These old comfortable patterns of behaviour are often repeated way into the middle to later part of the life cycle, so it can be interesting to discover how much they still resonate with the way your life is currently unfolding.

The descriptions of the patterns are enhanced, by examining the connections between the traditional luminaries and planets and the Nodal Axis at birth. Sara is able to take this to another level by bringing into play any of her intuitive asteroids, or Fixed Stars from the constellations, which play a significant role and bring an additional dimension to her interpretation of the chart.

Soul Chart Reading

Art: Wind of Change by Alice Popcorn

“In a nutshell, we believe that unresolved issues from prior lives , as revealed by these techniques make themselves felt in the present lifetime. It is not definitive, but symbolic, we see images and metaphors, like any psychological astrologer, but we believe they parallel the actual realities of past lifetimes.”

Steven Forrest “Yesterday’s Sky”

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