What can Life Spirit Connections do for You?

Sara offers astrology & tarot readings, consultations and courses that help you decode the unique emotional patterns in your life, enabling you to become at home within yourself and find your own special place in the world.

Using wisdom from multi-faceted knowledge of esoteric systems, she can help you obtain a intense and rich understanding, as each tool reinforces your life design through a slightly different lens.

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Book a Tarot Reading Now!

Tarot brings to consciousness what you already know deep down inside your soul. It gives you answers to the questions you have about your current circumstances and where you are heading in the future, whilst still leaving you in the driving seat able to exercise your free will.

Your reading will be recorded for you.

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30 minute Tarot reading: $75, plus PayPal surcharge: $77.25

60 minute Tarot reading: $125, plus PayPal surcharge: $128.75

Book an Astrology Consultation Now!

The first step in having an astrology reading is getting a sound understanding of your birth potential from your Natal Chart. Knowing the sensitivity of the various planetary configurations and how they can possibly interact together in different areas of your life. Where the potential trigger points are which can set off different aspect patterns or conjunctions. As the stars continue to orbit the sun in the sky they will transit or trigger these different points in your natal chart, bringing different opportunities for growth and development, which can be experienced in a variety of ways. The Transits and Progressions consultation examines a  period of approximately a year from the reading time in order to assist in preparing for the future.

Your reading will be recorded for you.

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Natal Consultation: $175, plus PayPal surcharge: $180.25

Natal + Year Ahead: $275, plus PayPal surcharge: $283.25

Year Ahead (existing clients only): $175, plus PayPal surcharge: $180.25

book astrology reading sara gilbert

Instant Access is Available for You!

Access Sara’s services by phone, Skype or links to her Zoom room wherever you are located and particularly during this time we are in lockdown.

What do You Need to Do?

Contact Sara Now
Phone 0412 235 935 or email sara@lifespiritconnections.com.au to establish her availability and provide any relevant personal information

Making Payment is Easy!

Pay in advance by bank transfer to Westpac BSB: 033 179 Account: 214316
or ring your credit card details through on 0412 235 935.

PayPal is available via sara@lifespiritconnections.com.au with a 3% surcharge

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Join Our Monthly Astrology Group!

Come along to our next meeting if you are interested in astrology and how the movements of the stars affects your life! No prior knowledge of astrology is required, you will pick it up as we go along. Deb and Sara have held this group at Seaford Community Centre for several years, now under lockdown we have moved it online using a Zoom room! We meet on the first Friday evening of every month and share knowledge of what is going on in the sky at the moment. You also get to see how it will affect you and the other members of the group personally through your astrology charts.

Our Next Meeting on Friday June 5 from 7.30 pm to 9.30 pm will cover the “Last June Solstice Solar Eclipse in Cancer”.

Contact Sara on 0412 235 935 to have your chart cast and book your spot. On payment of $25 attendance fee (by bank transfer or giving Sara your credit card details), you will receive your chart, along with the notes for the evening and the link to join the Zoom meeting.

Payment directly by PayPal through this site incurs a $1 surcharge to cover their fees.

Learn Astrology!

A new 10 week beginner’s course in Astrology will begin on Wednesday evenings from May 20 2020 from 7.00 pm to 9.00 pm!

At this time it looks like being an online course held in Sara’s Zoom room. The course will cover all the elements necessary to understand and interpret the astrology birth, or natal chart. This will include the Zodiac signs, the elements and qualities, the chart structure, angles and houses, the planets and the aspects which connect them all together. Detailed notes will be provided by pdf file each week along with the link to the Zoom room.

Students can pay $500 upfront or choose to pay a $50 enrolment fee plus $50 each week while they attend the course.

Pay in advance by bank transfer or credit card.
Paypal incurs a 3% surcharge.

Weekly PayPal payment: $51.25 (10 payments)

NOTE: You can also pay your one-time enrollment fee using this Buy Now button

Single PayPal payment: $512.50

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Learn Tarot Online!

The course is suitable for complete beginners through to people who have begun to learn but don’t have the confidence to get out and practice the craft. It consists of 10 two hour modules on consecutive Tuesday evenings starting on May 12 2020. Extensive notes are provided.

It is a practical course with a new spread and tips for conducting readings given every week. Linkages to astrology, numerology, mythology, crystals, chakras and the Tree of Life are interwoven. Students need to have a Rider-Waite tarot deck or purchase one to use during the course.

Sara has been reading professionally for 14 years and teaches from the heart. She shares all her know-how… no secrets held back! She has been a Professional Member of the Tarot Guild of Australia since early 2007.

The course will be online. Once your payment has been received, you will be emailed pdf files of the notes and a link to the Zoom room.

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Weekly PayPal payment: $51.25 (10 payments)

NOTE: You can also pay your one-time enrollment fee using this Buy Now button

Single PayPal payment: $512.50

introduction learn kabbalah beginners

Introduction to Kabbalah

This online workshop on May 17 2020 from 11 am to 3 pm is perfect for new students. You will learn about the history of Kabbalah, and how its major symbol, the Tree of Life is structured. Sara will use beautiful imagery to explain the sacred geometry of the Tree and its connection to the Seed of Life, Astrology and Tarot. She will untangle the many connections between the ten sephiroth or numbers and the 22 paths or letters which relate to the Hebrew alphabet. You will share in the symbolism which is associated with each sephira, as well as mundane and personal chakras, Arch-angels, planets, titles, colors, texts, virtues, vices and body parts. No prior knowledge is required only a belief in re-incarnation and the soul’s quest for enlightenment.

Contact Sara on 0412 235 935 to book your spot. On payment of $150 workshop fee (by bank transfer or giving Sara your credit card details), you will receive the notes for the workshop and a link to join the Zoom meeting.

Payment directly by PayPal incurs a 3% surcharge to cover their fees.

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