Baby Birth Chart Report

The Baby Birth Chart Report includes a carefully selected creative design to suit the elemental make up of the child. The example shown for Lincoln is for a serious airy child, hence the clouds and kite with a blue coloured picture. The booklet contains the chart accompanied by 3 to 4 pages which describe the personality and characteristics of the child. The back page is left blank to allow for further personalizing with photographs.

The report, uniquely crafted by Sara, has been adapted to suit your child personally and is not merely computer generated. It follows the child’s development from birth, through infancy and into school years. There are also many indications of the kind of subjects that they may enjoy best or excel at, leading to later career choices.

The scope may include the way the child’s bedroom could best be furnished and the kind of toys they are likely to enjoy, as well as how they will interact socially with both family members and other children.

Valuable hints are given about how best to calm and discipline the child and the kind of environments in which they will thrive. It is suggested how they will relate to their friends and peers at school as they grow older, and the kind of temperament they are likely to display when they don’t get their own way!

Altogether an invaluable tool when dealing with such a precious little person, who is not yet able to understand themselves, yet alone communicate their needs harmoniously to another person.

Baby Chart

“I have been fascinated by mythology for all of my life. The first book I can remember from my childhood was stories about Greek and Roman deities and heroes. It had beautiful colour plates illustrating the myths, so I grew up with their stories and images colouring my imagination”

Sara Gilbert

Chart Price: $225 AUD + Postage & Packaging or $240 by Paypal

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