Tarot Course: Tarot in the Context of the Universe

This is an integrated 10 week tarot course with plenty of cross references to Numerology, Astrology, Myth and the Kabbalah Tree of Life. The focus is on contextual understanding rather than just learning the meaning of cards by rote.

Students are often impatient and want to learn faster over a more concentrated block of time, such as over a weekend. There is so much information to absorb and assimilate, the tried and true process is to introduce a few cards a week to facilitate the absorption & retention of the meanings and symbols. The other tip is practice, practice, practice by reading for family and friends between the lessons. You will be amazed how well the cards work even though you may only be working with say the aces, twos and threes! Also making sure you complete the homework each week, it has been deigned to assist you in integrating the meanings in your unconscious. Once it’s there you will never have to resort to consulting a “cook book” again!

Sara has grouped the cards into weekly themes to assist in differentiation between cards with similar meanings. Each week there are more cards to work with and there is a new spread to try out and practice on with them. There are also practical tips around working with clients and setting up your tarot reading space.


There are two payment options:
Pay for the full course in advance – investment $600 AUD
Pay a $60 non-refundable enrolment fee to save your place, followed by a $60 AUD instalment as you attend each of the 10 weekly classes.

Payments made using the Paypal buttons on the home page have been adapted to cover the fees Paypal charges the seller

Direct payments may be made by phoning 0412 235 935  for credit card payments or by

Bank transfer to BSB 033 179  Account No 214316


tarot course sara gilbert

Testimonials from previous students:

“Sara is a very knowledgeable & competent tarot teacher, her complete summary of each card, including colour pictures, should be turned into a book virtually as is. Thanks for a very interesting course.”

“It was great to be exposed to images from different decks and plenty of practice time with different spreads. The notes were wonderful!”

“The amount of effort Sara has put into designing this course is absolutely commendable. It feels like she has taught the course from the bottom of her heart. It has been a wonderful 10 week journey which has given me a lot more than tarot ability. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us.”

“Sara is a fun, dynamic and enthusiastic teacher, who really knows her stuff.  She provides extensive hand outs and her course is easy to follow. She welcomes questions and clarifies any points of confusion her students may have.”

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