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Sara regularly writes articles for magazines, holds workshops and makes presentations for astrology or tarot organisations around Australia. This has included: Newcastle, Hobart, Adelaide, Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sydney as well as her home in Melbourne.

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The main asteroid belt, where many of the bodies concerned reside, is situated between Mars and Jupiter, forming a bridge between the personal planets and our belief systems. Myths have inherent meaning to us all, as the archetypes or stories they present have long been believed to be bedded deep in Jung’s collective unconscious. We have free will to use the potential energy they provide as we see fit. However if we are unconscious of its existence, we will tend to view its experience as if from fate or destiny, or external events happening to us. When we are made conscious of it, we can use it to optimise our experiences and better integrate our lessons, enhancing our journey to initiation.

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Astrology Articles

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Recordings of presentations with PDF of slides, available for purchase for only $10 AUD. You will be emailed a link to download the MP3 sound file and PDF.

“Gods and Goddesses of the Major Arcana” – TGA 2012
“Divination and Magic in the Horoscope” – VAA August 2012
“The Impact of Star Myth on Tarot and Its Practitioners” – TGA International Conference August 2013
“Special Patterns in the Sky” – VAA 2013/AAA/QSA 2014
“Decoding the Tarot Court” – Global Spiritual Studies 2014
“The Goddess Archetype : Past and Present Incarnations” – VAA/ GCSA 2015
“Bringing the Stars Down to Earth” – 21st FAA International Astrology Conference 2016

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