The Taurus New Moon will be on May 20, at 1.53am, when the luminaries will come together at 28 degrees 25’ of Taurus, so in it’s 29th degree. The Sabian symbol is “Two cobblers working at a table”, which speaks of the two-fold character of man’s mature understanding. Understanding is symbolized by the feet, where there must always be consideration of the opposite in order to get a true perspective.

The luminaries will be applying almost exactly conjunct to the dwarf planet Sedna, linked to the preservation of Mother Earth, especially our oceans and seas, as well as the negative relationships that can occur between men and women and the bad choices that are often made, especially in regard to conservation of our natural resources, and relationships.

Sol and Luna will also be forming a partile T- Square aspect pattern through opposition to asteroid Anubis and square to asteroid Flora. This will compound the impact choices can make between resources ripening to flower or dying.

Mars will be moving to form another T-Square in opposition to Pluto and square to Jupiter. The luminaries form a tight easy opposition of trine and sextile to this configuration, connecting the two patterns in the sky. Turbulent times ahead!

With the Sun and Moon in the sign of Taurus, the energy focus is on:
• Creating security and stability, protecting your physical interests
• Practical goals, being logical and methodical, patient and careful
• Working hard, balancing the budget, ensuring a steady income
• Physical comfort, indulging the five senses, sex
• Family and peaceful, harmonious relationships
• Losing weight, embarking on healthy exercise and diets
• Meet single-minded, persistent, commitments

The area most aligned with the position of the New Moon can be best gleaned from your natal horoscope chart, however if you only know your Sun Sign, then affirmations around the areas indicated below are likely to be the most powerful, but some adjustment may be required to the life areas below: