Gemini Full Moon With Achilles’ Courage Boosting the Power Of The Sun

The way forward becomes clearer tomorrow, December 14, with the Gemini Full Moon, at 11.07 am, when the asteroid Achilles steps in between Saturn and the Sun giving us courage to fight our way through the issues that may have seemed a bit overwhelming in the previous few days.

Taurus Full Moon: Super Moon, Closest in 70 Years

The Taurus Full Moon will fall on 15 November, at 0.53 am (AEDT). Once again, this is a Super Moon, the third of four in a row.  These are times in the ellipse formed by the Moon’s orbit, when she is her closest to the Earth.  In actual fact she won’t return to this closeness

Venus in Capricorn : A Desire For Security

Venus in Capricorn begins a changing of the guard among the faster moving personal planets today! Our desire nature becomes much more clingy, we want to hang onto what is solid and secure in our relationships