Tarot, Numerology and Astrology Qualifications

Astrology Qualifications

FAA Practioner’s Diploma

The Diploma of Astrology is the FAA’s minimum qualification to practice astrology professionally; therefore, a high standard is expected of candidates.

Astrology Qualifications FAA Practioner

APA Practioner Member

APA membership requires the FAA Diploma, plus an initial 24 hrs psychological supervision and 36 hrs formal training in counselling.

Astrology Qualifications APA Practioner Member

Cosmic Intelligence Agency Member

The Cosmic Intelligence Agency (C*I*A) is a network of individuals living around the world who share a vision of the world soul, the Anima Mundi.

Astrology Qualifications Cosmic Intelligence Agency Member

Steven Forrest Astrological Apprenticeship

The Steven Forrest Astrological Apprenticeship Program provides students with a structured path to proficiency in Evolutionary Astrology.

Astrology Qualifications Steven Forrest Astrological Apprenticeship

Tarot Qualifications

Tarot Divination Studies

Sara obtained a High Distinction in the Tarot Course Certificate from The Visionary Spiritual Institute Of Australia. Received for the completion and understanding of Tarot Divination Studies.

Tarot Qualifications The Visionary Spiritual Institute Of Australia

Member Tarot Guild of Australia

The Tarot Guild of Australia represents a community of tarot enthusiasts, readers and teachers from Australia and is where like-minded people connect and discuss all things tarot.

Tarot Qualifications Member Tarot Guild of Australia

Numerology & Palmistry Qualifications

Professional Numerology Seminar

Sara completed the Professional Numerology Seminar at The Visionary Spiritual Institute Of Australia in 2006.

Numerology & Palmistry Qualifications The Visionary Spiritual Institute Of Australia

Numerology/Palmistry Course

Sara completed the Numerology/Palmistry Course from Natalie Evans, and completed set rquirements.

Numerology Palmistry Qualifications

Training & Development Qualifications

Cert IV in Assessment & Workplace Training

Sara has obtained the Cert IV in Assessment & Workplace Training from the Australian Institute of Management.

 Training & Development Qualifications

Mythology Qualifications

Greek & Roman Mythology Course

Sara succesfully completed the University of Pennsylvania course Greek and Roman Mythology.

Mythology Qualifications