Astrology Courses

The three year astrology program has been designed to support students who are serious about becoming professional astrologers and wish to develop sufficient understanding to participate in  the FAA examination process. It is also suitable for individuals on a journey of self-discovery who wish to take their knowledge of astrology to a significant depth. In line with the FAA syllabus, the course uses a psychological approach in relating to astrology. Each year consists of 5 terms of weekly two hour modules which can be paid for each week at $40 AUD, discounted rates exist for payment by term or for the year in full. Correspondence students may begin the courses at any time and work the timing to suit their personal circumstances. Course materials include extensive notes, chart examples from famous and topical individuals and events, charts of eclipses and Moon phases, creative images and where appropriate examples using video and music to demonstrate characteristics.

Year One “Basics of Astrology” is also suitable as a stand-alone course for practitioners from other modalities, who wish to understand astrology to bring greater insight to support work such as tarot, numerology, witchcraft, palmistry and all kinds of spiritual healing or counselling. At the end of the course students will be able to interpret  Natal Horoscope Charts, to determine the birth potential gifted to the individual. They will have in-depth understanding of the way the chart is structured, the meanings of the Planets and Luminaries, the Lunar Nodes, the Zodiac Signs, the Houses and how all of this integrates together through aspects and orbs.

Year Two “Astrology Over Time” covers the cycles of Planetary Bodies and the impact of their movement in the sky on the Horoscope Chart, as Transits and Progressions, as well as by various other techniques such as Solar Returns and Solar Arc Directions. At the end of this year students will be able to interpret the energy that is available for an individual to work with at the present time and out to the future, as well as to look back and make sense of past events that have occurred. They will also be able to construct a horoscope chart from an ephemeris and book of tables, as is required for the FAA Calculation Exam.

Astrology Courses

Beautiful art courtesy of Ciro Marchetti

Year Three “Advanced Astrology” covers an overview of many of the varied fields that can form part of the Advanced Techniques examination.  The more commonly featured techniques such as relationship Astrology or Synastry, Mundane, Horary, Electional, Relocation, Myth, Medical, Vocational, Historical and Traditional Astrology are all covered.  Astrology is a very broad subject and the student needs to decide which branches of the field they resonate with and are going to choose to pursue for the future.

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