On July 18 the True Lunar Nodes will move back into North Node Aries and South Node Libra, for eighteen and a half months, until January 12 2025. The transiting Lunar Nodes move backwards through the Zodiac, in a eighteen and a half year cycle!

The Nodal Axis is karmic, and as an opposition is about helping us to integrate what didn’t work for us in the past, with what we ideally need to achieve in the future. In this particular instance, in regard to what we have learned about how to relate with others, and form balanced partnerships (Libra); with what we need to take on board in order to develop the courage to transform as an individual, enhancing our profile, appearance and position in the world, without relying on the support of others (Aries).

Looking back at what was going on in your life and relationships, during the last cycle/s can provide valuable clues as to how you have grown from past experiences and what you may be called on to deal with on a personal level. The last time the Nodes were in these signs was from December 26 2004 to June 23 2006.

During this period on a collective or mundane level:

• YouTube, Facebook, Xbox 360 and Twitter were all launched.
• First human face transplant, Human Genome Project final chromosome sequence published.
• Women became heads of state for the first time in Germany, Liberia and Chile.
• Multiple space missions were launched, discoveries achieved, planets orbited.
• Eris was discovered changing the way planetary bodies were classified.
• Saddam Hussein was tried for crimes against humanity, whereas Bush was re-elected US President.
• Hamas was elected in Palestine, civil wars took place in Chad and Iraq, Syria withdrew from Lebanon, the IRA was decommissioned, however there were multiple deaths caused by Middle Eastern suicide bombers in Jordan and London.
• Multiple Earthquakes/Tsunamis/Mudslides occurring in Sumatra, Asia, Pakistan, Java Indonesia, Hurricane Wilma, a ferry sinking in the Red Sea, some of these involving many thousands of people injured and/or dying.
• Charles married Camilla and Pope John Paul II died.

It is easy to see the influence of the Aries North Node in the first five points, following by improved negotiations in the following two to some extent?

Mother Earth seemed to be flexing her muscles, maybe in response to the way we were treating her?

Charles and Camilla married against the wishes of the Queen and most everybody! So I suppose he believed he was having the courage to do what he believed he needed as an individual!