Palmistry & Hand Analysis Consultation

I stumbled across Richard Ungar’s wonderful insights into determining life purpose through our fingerprints, through his life changing book “Life Prints”, many years ago, as I was beginning to practice Palmistry. I couldn’t believe how accurate it was when I applied it to my own hands, so immediately incorporated it into my palm readings and passed on this knowledge regularly through workshops and presentations! Early in 2014, I became aware that he was teaching this wisdom as “Hand Analysis” in the US and that certain markings in the hands were incorporated as “Gift Markings”, markings that I understood through traditional palmistry and others which I had been researching myself (particularly stars), as they seemed to crop up on many hands I worked with and I couldn’t find any detailed information about their interpretation.

When my beautiful friend Luanne Simmons from “Goddess on Purpose” linked some of these markings to the seven goddess energies she uses in her Goddess Workshops, a huge light bulb went off in my head.   Isn’t synchronicity wonderful!. I have been researching goddess energy, through some 50 odd asteroids named after their archetypes from mythology, for many years. So I had the opportunity present itself to innovate this extensive wisdom of mythology and how it exhibits in astrology charts, with the patterns I have been observing in the hands of people I read for.

So I am now offering a very affordable and extended one hour Palmistry and Hand Analysis reading for $150 AUD, compared to the rather astronomical $500 – $700 US charged by most US trained hand analysts. This reading is only available face-to-face, as there is too high a possibility of inaccuracies in assessment occurring, when prints are produced from carbon sheets etc. Highly sensitive paper skin hands in particular don’t reproduce well using this method. The reading includes a full palm print of both hands, a personalised hand sheet indicating your gift markings and a record of the discussion we have together by CD or MP3 file.

Hand Analysis Consultation

“Life Prints” offers a straightforward and easily accessible assessment tool for individuals who want to know their life purpose. It is compelling and comprehensive.”

Caroline Myss

Consultation Price: $150 AUD for 45 mins $156 including Paypal surcharge