Tarot Reading

Tarot works with an undeniable degree of accuracy. The client shuffling the cards transfer’s their energy through their higher self to ensure the right cards are selected to direct them to the right path. The reader always receives the right messages through her/his higher self despite there being many meanings for every card. It isn’t fortune telling or fate and destiny, it’s a translation of the energy around the client, a guide to the most empowering way they can use their free will to serve their life experience, at that point of time.

A Tarot consultation is the best option for clients who are looking for direction or have specific questions.  Readings can be tailored to suit individual client requirements and are usually booked for 30 minutes or one hour depending on the complexity of the situations needing to be explored…….

Sara works with a beautifully creative deck Ciro Marchetti’s “Tarot of Dreams”. Her knowledge around the Kabbalah Tree of Life, numerology and astrology gives her a much wider inner framework to draw on, when receiving insight from the cards. A quick glance at the client’s hand can often reveal significant detail into how the situation is being handled.

Sara has regularly taught a comprehensive and practical, integrated tarot course “Tarot in the Context of the Universe”, since September 2007.

She has spent many years on the Committee Member for the Tarot Guild of Australia in the past including a transformative stint as Treasurer. She became a Professional Member of the Guild, passing the transition process, in January 2007. She played a significant role in the team who organised and ran the International Tarot Conference in 2013, including presenting a lecture “The Impact of Star Myth on Tarot and Its Practitioners”. Sara has also run many workshops for the Guild over the last 15 years and has had many articles published in the old “Magician” magazine. She currently provides the “Starscape” columns in the new monthly “Tarot Talk” online magazine, for members across Australia.

tarot reading sara gilbert

“Because the fate the Tarot cards describe is largely rooted in the unconscious, we do not ordinarily have access to it. The images of the cards help us make a connection ……which holds  a secret key to the meaning of the moment and therefore the probable future outcome of that moment. This allows us to bring a deeper insight and greater possibilities of response and choice to the situation.”

Liz Greene

Consultation Prices:
30 minute Tarot reading: $100, plus PayPal surcharge: $105

60 minute Tarot reading: $150, plus PayPal surcharge: $157.50

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