Numerology Courses

Numerology is such a great tool to understand yourself better as well as family friends and workmates.  When you can see where they are coming from, it is easy to frame your interactions in a way that will be more productive, and not just keep banging your head on a brick wall. Treating others the way you would like to be treated, as I was taught to do as a child, is not always effective when they are vibrating at a different frequency!

The Basic Numerology course runs for 7 weeks and brings in-depth understanding of the root, master and karmic numbers as they apply to the key four numbers that make up the profile of the numerological core.

Students learn the practical skills involved in “blending” the numbers and determining the mode of expression. The Personality Profile is introduced as a tool to help determine whether the client is likely to express their vibration in a balanced fashion, over express or under express the energy.

Understanding comes from comparisons within the class and their families. Sara has also developed a broad portfolio of numerology profiles and biographies from famous and infamous people which provides an excellent learning tool where numbers are not represented within the class group.

Sara’s multi-faceted knowledge base enables her to make comparisons between the vibrations of the numbers and the characteristics of Zodiac signs, planets and tarot cards which add an extra dimension to student understanding.

The Advanced Numerology course builds on this understanding of the core to explore the use of timing over the lifetime in numerology, be it from the date of birth or letters in the name. Techniques are also covered to examine the way the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual energy in the name is distributed, as well as past life and life purpose influences. Students learn about the ways that numbers from everyday life are important and how universal and personal numbers are calculated for the year, month and day.

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Testimonials from previous students:

“Sara was wonderful. The small group of people were friendly. A really fantastic opportunity. Thank you!”

“Another great course Sara. The notes are excellent and your experience with other modalities, it all ties in nicely, great course”

“Thank you Sara for sharing your knowledge on numerology with us all. It is quite resonating. I now have a new tool to work with future clients”

“It has given me a broader understanding of numbers. The journey has begun”


$60 AUD non-refundable enrolment fee followed by a $60 AUD instalment per class
or $420 AUD when Paid in Full up front

Paypal Payments are $62 per week and $434 in full using the “pay now” buttons on the home page

7 Week Basic Course – $420 AUD
6 Week Advanced Course – $360 AUD