Astro-Mythology Consultation

An Astro-Mythology consultation provides insight into the additional archetypes from minor planets which are of significance from birth. The planets and luminaries usually taken into consideration by astrologers consist of mainly male archetypes with only the Moon (the mother) and Venus (the whore) representing the feminine side of humanity! As both men and women have a masculine and feminine component, being their animus and anima, it does seem there is more of an imbalance in feminine archetypes which is maybe not surprising considering the patriarchal society we are living in.

Sara decided to reverse this balance by spending many years intensively researching the use of a group of more intuitive and mostly female archetypes in the astrology charts of individuals who resonate with, and live their lives around, what comes naturally through the spiritual and intuitive side of the mind.

The main asteroid belt, where many of the bodies concerned reside, is situated between Mars and Jupiter, forming a bridge between the personal planets and our belief systems. Myths have inherent meaning to us all, as the archetypes or stories they present have long been believed to be bedded deep in Jung’s collective unconscious. We have free will to use the potential energy they provide as we see fit. However if we are unconscious of its existence, we will tend to view its experience as if from fate or destiny, or external events happening to us. When we are made conscious of it, we can use it to optimise our experiences and better integrate our lessons, enhancing our journey to initiation.

The addition of Sara’s intuitive archetypes from the minor planets helps to address this, and provides another layer to the energies that are available from the birth potential. She has found that wherever trigger points exist in the Natal Chart, the examination of additional archetypes which surround, oppose or square them, can provide enhanced information and possibilities for the client to explore, in understanding and dealing with the challenges that they present. She is also able to determine the positions to which these archetype energies have moved to over time by secondary progression and/or by transit.

Astro-Mythology Chart

“I have been fascinated by mythology for all of my life. The first book I can remember from my childhood was stories about Greek and Roman deities and heroes. It had beautiful colour plates illustrating the myths, so I grew up with their stories and images colouring my imagination”

Sara Gilbert

Chart Price: $200, plus PayPal surcharge: $210