Palmistry Reading

Every 1,000th of a second, countless nerve impulses from the brain connect with the muscles of our hands in a constant movement, too fast for the eye to pick up. The web of nerves endings spread through our hands is 14 times that spread through our face, creating facial expressions and speech. This unique connection to the brain is necessary to carry out the instructions necessary for our existence.

The constant and extensive interplay leaves traces in our hands in the form of creases, lines and mount growth; a record of brain directed activity. The shape, skin ridges and major lines of the hands come to us as a blueprint for our lives at birth, but minor lines and extensions to the main ones can come and go fairly quickly over time.

Our conscious thoughts and our unconscious beliefs both originate from our brain and as such are instrumental in creating the road map in our palms. Our desires, hopes and attitudes can all be seen there; our spirit, motivation, temperament and personal needs, they reflect our character and personality. The unconscious feelings and desires directly influenced by our higher self are projected through our brain. The “passive” hand divulges clues about our potential, childhood and our unconscious more inner nature. The “dominant” hand, which we write with, discloses what we are manifesting in a more conscious manner out in the material world.

A Palmistry Consultation will uncover your hidden talents and abilities and bring indications of your purpose here in this incarnation. It lays bare your sensitivities and brings understanding of your level of vitality, the way your mind focuses intellectually and your emotional desires and preferences when it comes to relationships.

Palmistry Readings usually take place for around 20 minutes or can become part of a Combination Reading.

A Hand Analysis and Palmistry Reading for 45 minutes will give you greater insight into your Life Purpose and special Gift Markings!

Palmistry Reading

“Hands whose shape and functioning are so intimately connected with the psyche might provide revealing, and therefore interpretable expressions of the psychological peculiarity, that is of human character.”

C G Jung

Consultation Price: $100 AUD or $105 with the Paypal excess