Birth or Natal Chart Reading

The Natal consultation will uncover and outline the life blueprint or potential from the position and relationship between the stars at birth. It gives deep insight into every nuance of your psyche and is the best possible tool for understanding yourself and why you think, act and feel the way you do!

Computer generated reports that can be downloaded for free or purchased at low cost, can only ever analyse each planet or point in your chart from one point of view, (the sign they occupy, the area in your life they affect, or a connection they make to another planet or point). Of course this information will resonate with you, but it will not give you the full and integrated picture that comes from blending the information together. Nor will it provide the self-understanding that comes from exploring how this has related to your life experiences to date, in the same manner that discussion with a practising and professional astrologer can produce.

This will help to identify your possible strengths and challenges, as well as your opportunities and the kind of relationships and experiences you are likely to encounter throughout your life. It can also be extremely useful in selecting an appropriate career or vocation and it determining what your purpose in life consists of.

Consultations are provided face-to-face or by Skype to facilitate the greater meaning that can be obtained through exploring concepts by discussion.

A record of the session will be provided either by CD for face-to face or mp3 file via Dropbox for Skype consultations. A booklet of the charts discussed will also be provided, including a brief computer generated report and a symbol sheet, to assist with relating the charts to the discussion. For Skype consultations the booklet will be provided in advance, in PDF format, to facilitate the discussion.

If your time of birth is unknown, a rectification service can be provided to determine a chart which will work with significant events, that have occurred in your life to date.

Natal Chart Reading

“Your astrological chart is the treasure map to your soul, symbolic of your soul’s evolutionary purpose – who you are and why you are here. The archetypal energies at play in your chart show your unique character. Enhance your ability to make your own unique choices in life by understanding your soul’s instructions for this life.”

Cathy Lynn Pagano from C G Jung

Consultation Price:

Natal Consultation: $200 AUD, plus PayPal surcharge: $210

Consultation Price:

Year Ahead Consultation (Existing Clients Only): $200 AUD, plus PayPal surcharge: $210

Consultation Price:

Natal + Year Ahead: $350 AUD, plus PayPal surcharge: $367.50