Transits and Progressions Consultation

The first step in astrology is getting a sound understanding of your birth potential from your Natal Chart. Knowing the sensitivity of the various planetary configurations and how they can possibly interact together in different areas of your life. Where the potential trigger points are which can set off different aspect patterns or conjunctions.

As the stars continue to orbit the sun in the sky they will transit or trigger these different points in your natal chart, bringing different opportunities for growth and development, which can be experienced in a variety of ways.

The Transits and Progressions consultation examines a  period of approximately a year from the reading time in order to assist in preparing for the future.

Transits are determined from the actual position of the planets in the heavens at any given point in time.

Progressions are calculated from the concept that the first days of an individual’s life, each represent their potential for growth and development over the corresponding years.
Other techniques such as Solar Arc Directions will be used from time to time, to analyse the effects of more external forces coming from the stars.

A Solar Return chart will also be included, cast for the exact moment in time when the Sun returns to its Natal position during the set time frame, forming the energy potential for the next year ahead.

Please note: This consultation is only available to existing clients who have already had a Natal Chart consultation with Sara.

Transits Progressions Consultation

“Astrology should not try to make up your mind, but instead provide information upon which you can make an intelligent decision. Times are indicated that are appropriate for certain kinds of actions and inappropriate for others. Certain kinds of events often do occur with particular transits, but they should never be viewed as signifying events that will inevitably come to pass, with you as a helpless observer. The purpose of astrology should be to give you an understanding of your place in the Universe and the kinds of energies that are flowing through you and through the physical universe.”

Robert Hand – “Planets in Transit”

Chart Price: $175 AUD for 1 hour