Cancer Full Moon. Dream Child

Beautiful Art by Susan Sedon Boulet

The Cancer Full Moon in 2023 will be at 10 07 am on Saturday January 7 (AEDT), at 16 degrees and 21 minutes of the sign. This is the most powerful sign for a Full Moon, as it is the sign that Luna rules, or is able to act most authentically in. Here she can bring her supportive and nurturing ability to the forefront.

The Sabian Symbol for the Moon in this 17th degree is “The unfoldment of multi-level potentialities issuing from an original germ”, the life urge to actualize one’s birth potential, growth.

For the Sun in the 17th degree of Capricorn, the symbol is “A repressed woman finds psychological release in nudism”, release from inhibition, the escape from bondage to social inhibitions.

The Sun will be very close to Mercury Retrograde, less than a day from the 2023 Inferior Mercury Conjunction in Capricorn, the beginning of the first Mercury cycle during 2023. Sol will also be widely conjunct to Hygeia the Goddess of Healing through Healthy Habits, so it will be a great time to start any New Year resolutions around exercise and diet.

The Moon will be applying to asteroid Pallas Athena, associated with Hygeia in many ways, as both involve using your mind to achieve results. The Luminaries will form a tight square to asteroid Merlin so results can be truly magical if you put in the hard work.

The Moon, Sun and Mercury will all be squaring Chiron the Wounded Healer, further emphasizing the focus on making a healthy start to the New Year!