Cancer Full Moon White Wolf Moon

The Cancer Full Moon falls on 12 January, at 10.35 pm (AEDT), the Moon will be at 22 degrees and 27 minutes, the 23rd degree of Cancer and the Sun opposite in Capricorn. The Sabian Symbol for the Moon, at 23 degrees of Cancer, is described as: “The meeting of a literary society”.

Sun conjunct Saturn Trine Uranus Sextile Jupiter

The Sun conjunct Saturn Trine Uranus Sextile Jupiter is a continuation of my previous blog on "Angel Wings". However now Mars is moving out of connection to that aspect pattern, at the same time as the Sun merges energy with Saturn, exact around 10 pm on December 10 (AEDT). It is time to take action on the reflective work that we undertook in the last couple of days through the power generated by our Sol.

Taurus Full Moon: Super Moon, Closest in 70 Years

The Taurus Full Moon will fall on 15 November, at 0.53 am (AEDT). Once again, this is a Super Moon, the third of four in a row.  These are times in the ellipse formed by the Moon’s orbit, when she is her closest to the Earth.  In actual fact she won’t return to this closeness