Beautiful art from HolgaJen

A brilliant Full Moon in Aries will commence their 2022 cycle tomorrow morning, October 10, the culmination will be at 7.54 am after sunrise, so best to get your crystals out for a moon-bake tonight! Did you see her last night shining above Jupiter, there was a cold crisp night here in Melbourne she looked stunning!

Luna will be at 16 degrees and 32 minutes of the sign for the lunation, it’s 17th degree. The Sabian Symbol  is “Two dignified spinsters sitting in silence”. This indicates inward withdrawal, our ability to transform a natural lack of potency into poise and inner serenity. Pluto Stationed Direct this morning at 8.55 am, less than a day before the exact opposition, intensifying collective transformation. This made a close trine to Mercury in Virgo, helping us assimilate the messages more clearly!

This Moon will be ruled by Mars in his pre-retrograde shadow period in the sign of Gemini. Luna will be conjunct Chiron in Aries, also retrograde, so there could be issues resurfacing around past wounds to our self-belief or self-confidence. As the Moon will be opposing Venus, strong in her rulership of Libra, this could indicate the need to feel we have to protect ourselves from wounds that occurred during relationships.

The symbol associated with the Sun in Libra is “A retired sea captain watches ships entering and leaving the harbor”. This speaks of a calm mind, the capacity to gain an objective and calm understanding of human experience in which one was once deeply involved. Venus in Libra will be applying by conjunction to the Sun in preparation for her Superior Conjunction on October 23, ready to begin a new cycle.

Saturn retrograde in Aquarius will be making an easy opposition (sextile to Moon Chiron, trine to Sun Venus) to Luna and Sol. This could help to resolve the issues brought up from the past possibly through looking at our own responsibilities in the situation.

The Moon and Chiron will be closely conjunct the asteroid Gaea, Mother Earth and forming a tight T-Square with Pallas Athena in Cancer opposite the asteroid Atlantis in Capricorn. It could be we will feel the needs of the natural world are not being dealt with fairly, by some kind of justice system or civilization. Atlantis was reputed to be a perfect civilization that came to ruin, through taking actions contrary to their espoused value system.