Intense Emotions with Venus conjunct Pluto

Intense emotions with Venus conjunct Pluto!  Venus has been conjunct Pluto over the last day or so, deepening your emotional responses and making relationships or friendships take a higher priority in your life, sometimes even being life  changing. 

Chiron Stations Direct Square Jupiter

Chiron Stations Direct tomorrow at 2.47 pm (AEDT), squaring both Jupiter in Capricorn and the Moon in Cancer, less than a day after her opposition to the Sun for the Gemini Full Moon! 

Venus Conjunct Saturn Makes Love More Serious

Venus conjunct Saturn makes love more serious! Venus will be merging energy with Saturn tomorrow, exactly conjunct at 9.04 pm (AEDT), however sometimes the energy can be stronger as they are moving together!

Venus Trine Uranus Do Something Different!

Time to do something different with Venus trine Uranus over the next 15 hours to 5.27 am of Friday November 29 (AEDT)!  You are doubtless feeling a little bored with the same old, same old, particularly within your relationships. 

Sagittarius New Moon

The Sagittarius New Moon which follows on November 27 is a perfect time to put out your affirmations for your new direction and journey ahead.  It will culminate at 2.05 am (AEDT) at 4 degrees and 03 minutes of the sign, its 5th degree.  The Sabian symbol for this is “An old owl sits alone on the branch of a large tree”, this speaks of translucidity or wisdom beyond tragedy.