Libra Equinox Josephine Wall

Art by Josephine Wall

The Libra Equinox will be tomorrow at 11.04 am on September 23 and will herald in Spring and massive new beginnings for the annular quarter that lies ahead.

It will be made more special by the Mercury Inferior Conjunction with the Sun on the same day at 4.49 pm, starting a brand-new Mercury cycle from 0 degrees and 14’ of Libra. The Libra New Moon at 02 degrees 48’ 3 days later, on September 26 makes this a Triple New Beginning for Spring 2022!

Mercury will become the Morning Star sweeping the last dregs of the previous cycle into the light to help in reforming the future. So, it is important to tidy up all those odds and ends you have been procrastinating over how to deal with, and putting off taking action over, in the next few weeks until the Equinox. Then you will have no distractions to the start of making your plans for what you want to achieve in the last quarter of 2022, which is Spring to us here in the Southern Hemisphere.

Once Mercury begins his new phase, new ideas, ways of thinking and communication will help you to birth new projects. So, you need to be well prepared with a clean slate and no issues to derail you! The Libra New Moon will complete the trio of cycles coming together in the first two degrees of Libra, this will be reinforced by Venus the ruler of the sign entering the sign a few days later!

Venus, ruler of the New Moon in Libra will be closely applying to a trine with Pluto at the time of the Libra New Moon, exact later that day at 3.45pm. She will change sign from Virgo to her Air Rulership in Libra on September 29 at 5.49 pm, adding her voice and strength to the new beginnings taking place in the last week of the month. She will remain in Libra along with the Sun, until October 23, Mercury will rejoin them in the sign from October 11, following his backward steps during September. October has great portent for being a time where productive new relationships and negotiations become achievable, bringing exciting new possibilities.

Libra Equinox September 23 2022