Saturn in Pisces

Beautiful Art by Carmen Pascual

The Virgo Full Wolf Moon will play out tomorrow night, March 7 at 11.40 pm (AEST) positioned at 16 degrees and 40 minutes, the 17th degree of Virgo, with the Sun opposite in Pisces. Jupiter and Chiron will still be within one degree of making their exact conjunction, just 48 minutes apart. The clarifying light from the luminaries may help to discern more fully, the true meaning of this merger to come on March 12. The Sabian Symbol for the Moon is described as ”A volcanic eruption”, the explosive energy of long repressed contents of the subconscious.

For the Sun in the 17th degree of Pisces, the Sabian Symbol will be “An Easter Parade” the capacity existing in social cultural events to unite the community members in a display of excellence, participation in a collective peak experience. Emotions will be highly charged!

Pluto will be continuing in the last anaretic degree, of 29 Capricorn 28’, conjunct the asteroid Hygeia. The pair will be making a series of tight (less then 1 degree of orb), aspects to no less than 9 additional planetary bodies, semi-sextiles to Saturn and asteroid Circe, sextiles to asteroids Astarte and Arachne, squares to asteroids Horus and Gaea, a trine to dwarf planet Sedna, a quincunx to asteroid Hekate and a partile opposition to Black Moon Lilith!  What a package of powerful, transformative energy!

The Sun will be midway between Mercury and Neptune offering a wide range of options to the Moon in opposition. Mercury will have the upper hand, depositing the Moon as well as Mars in Gemini, who will be making a wide square to the lunation. It may be possible to talk or write your way out of taking certain actions instead of becoming stuck. A close trine from the Moon to Uranus may also help to alleviate these feelings, often sweeping you along with very little effort required, to have a pretty immediate impact.

Less than an hour after the Virgo Full Moon, Saturn will ingress into Pisces at 00.34 am on March 8. Saturn isn’t so comfortable in Pisces, as it was in the previous two signs where it held rulership, according to traditional and modern systems. It needs certainty but in Pisces boundaries dissolve and become more erratic. Old rules start to crumble, it won’t be so easy to navigate our way forward. New rules seem harder to make sense of, perceptions need to change, more of a leap of faith will be required.

We are not really sure where we are going yet, but if we work away at it there will be compassion and a gift of subtle insight. Like the Pisces fish swimming in opposite directions, there is ambivalence there. Saturn always teaches us new ways of dealing with life, through the upsets and blockages the stand in our way. In Pisces the lack of control can feel a tad chaotic and overwhelming. It is destabilizing, as Saturn asks us to enlarge and encompass more, it can feel frightening when boundaries lose their solidity! In extreme circumstances this can give rise to a kind of collective madness, where any sense of proportion is disturbed into conflicts with others who have different cultures or beliefs to ourselves.

Alternatively, there can be potential for healing release of outworn structures as well! Saturn in Pisces will raises our awareness of the connectedness of life, opening perceptions and pushing the boundaries of our understanding of our place in the Universe and awareness of our relationship with the world around us. Certainly the time seems ripe in relation to what is going on with the monarchy in the UK and its relationship to Australia as part of its Commonwealth. Also in the role that Aboriginal people are allowed to play in our society with referendums likely to occur during the period. The situation is Ukraine also springs to mind!