The Sun will ingress into Taurus on April 20 at 6.13 pm, following the second Aries New Moon/Solar Eclipse at 2.12 pm. Its quite rare to get two New Moons fitting their 28 day plus cycle into a calendar month, especially a 30 day one Lol! What a stupid calendar we have, it would have been much simpler to use the Lunar one of 13 months and follow nature, but no, once again patriarchal concerns intervened!

The emphasis from the Earth element will change to what makes you feel safe and secure, amassing what you value to feel protected from the world at large. However the Sun will still be within 2 degrees of the Moon’s emerging emotional energy.

He will form a tight Out of Sign Grand Trine with the asteroid Aphrodite, the Greek name for Venus in Sagittarius and a Virgo stellium, headed by an almost exact trine to asteroid Isis, conjunct Black Moon Lilith and Persephone. Sextiles to Urania in the last degree of Gemini, conjunct Asclepius in Cancer, will convert this to the focal point of a Kite.

Sol also will form an almost exact awkward quincunx connection to the asteroid Demeter in the last degree of Virgo. The sextile from the Isis stellium to Asclepius and Urania will form a Yod, through a pair of quincunxes to Pluto.  Many transformative connections will become apparent with so many bodies in the first and last degrees of signs, connecting to the Sun’s ever tightening square to Pluto.

A day later Mercury will Station Retrograde on April 21 at 6.34 pm, having reached 15 Taurus 36’.  It will be time to reflect on your career ambitions and communication over the last 3 weeks, what you could do better in the future, plan for next cycle coming up.

On May 17 Jupiter will join the Sun in Taurus until May 24 2024. As Taurus is ruled by Venus this will give us 12 months of expansive energy from a combination of the two most beneficial planets, something that only happens every 12 years or so. Think back to the how your life became more positive from June 2011 to June 2012 and reflect on the planets and houses in your chart that will be impacted! Surely things have to improve moving forward…..