Pisces Full Moon Cameron Gray

Inspiring Art by Cameron Gray https//parablevisions.com

There will be a second Full Moon on 31 August, at 11.35 am (AEST). I don’t consider this to be auspicious in any way, as it is caused by the Gregorian calendar brought in by the church, not by the natural cycle of the Moon. Doubtless the media and some astrologers will be blathering on about “Blue Moons” as they are prone to do! True Blue Moons only occur, if twice in the same Zodiac sign! However , this second Full Moon will be a Super Moon, where the Moon is at her perigee, so closer to the Earth!

The Super Pisces Full Moon will be at 7 degrees Pisces 25’ with the Sabian Symbol in the 8th degree of Pisces of “A girl blowing a bugle”, the call to participation in the service of the race as an evolutionary crisis approaches, a summons. The Moon will be conjunct Saturn and the asteroid Flora, so maybe there will be a practical element that will ripen over time, as they are both in retrograde motion.

The symbol for the Sun in the 8th degree of Virgo is “A five-year old child takes a first dancing lesson”. Learning to use one’s capacity for emotional self-expression according to cultural standards, potentiality of initiation!  The Sun will be conjunct the asteroid Ariadne, Mistress  of the Cretan labyrinth from the myth of Theseus and the Minotaur.  Interestingly she was aware of the rites of initiation associated with her brother the Minotaur’s prison.

Asteroids Pythia, Asclepius and Pele all form a tight Easy Opposition to the Lunation so there is a general feel of magic and mystery involved with including the meanings of fantasy and dreams associated with Neptune who is the dispositor of the Moon. You will probably notice you are spending more time with the inner reaches of your mind, dreaming, reflecting, and reviewing many aspects of your life.

So much of the planetary energy will be retrograde at this time in tune with the energy of this Pisces Full Moon. You will become more aware of interesting connections and synchronicities. You will need to be more willing to forgive and forget especially in regard to yourself and your past decisions and actions!

It will help to tune into the side of Saturn as the Lord of Karma and Time, so becoming more accepting of the lessons you have had to learn, ageing and the natural cycles of life. Jupiter the more traditional ruler of Pisces will be widely sextile the Moon and could be a more positive influence to look to for your future direction, and guiding you in the search for new meaning in your life!