Summer/Winter Solstice Time To Reflect

Summer/Winter Solstice is a time to reflect wherever you are in the world it will take place in Capricorn on December 21 at 9.44 pm (AEDT) and 10.44 (UT). Astrology uses the extreme positions of the Sun in respect to the Earth to mark the zero degree cardinal points in the zodiac. They form important ingress points that set the energy for us moving forward over the next three months.

Saturn Square Nodal Axis

Saturn Square Nodal Axis became exact today. It has been building since the middle of March. By the beginning of October, Saturn had moved to within one degree of making this aspect exact. The transiting Nodal Axis represents the transformative journey of the collective towards greater consciousness. Saturn squaring the Nodal Axis brings practical reality and tension to understanding what progress has actually been made.

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