Most beautiful Sedna image by Hrana Janto from her Goddess Oracle Deck

Transformative New Beginning!  By the time of the Cancer Solstice at  12 .58 on 22 June 2023, the Sun’s stellium with Atlantis, Artemis and Asteria will have tightened to within a total one degree of orb separating from Imhotep by just another degree!

In addition Sol will be forming a Water Grand Trine with asteroids Eros (Desire and Life Force) in Pisces and Iris (Intuition and Truth), closely conjunct the South Node in Scorpio. This emphasizes even more how critical it will be that the world opens our eyes to what we know to be true, despite what that means from a loss in materialism and greed.

Pluto will be making an even tighter OOS Grand Trine to Sedna and the asteroids Artemis and Osiris, total orb 21’! Artemis represents the virginal feminine with a preference for nature and animals rather than being dominated by the masculine and the role society envisioned for her.

Osiris was the Egyptian God of the Earth and the bounty of the Land; he represented fertility and prosperity. He was murdered by his brother Set, who was jealous of how he was loved by the people and their sister Isis Goddess of Love and Magic. Set cut his body into pieces and spread them all over Egypt. Isis retained the pieces and resurrected Osiris, impregnating herself with him to create their son Horus, who defeated Set.

I often refer to Sedna as the Goddess of Bad Choices, but her myth also relates very strongly to the repression of the feminine and the impact on the land and the ocean. Neptune, Jupiter, and the Inner planets will be adding their support through a series of squares. The message is becoming clearer and clearer as we move closer towards the Nodal change on July 18. The world has to move away from materialism and the patriarchal greed and financial dominance to reclaim more balance with the repressed feminine.

Cancer Solstice 2023

A Transformative New Beginning!