There will be a brilliant Aquarius Full Moon, at her closest point to the Earth. so Super, on Wednesday August 2, at 4.31 am (AEST), at 9 degrees and 15 minutes of the sign. The Moon has been annoyingly bright in the middle of the night over the last few days, which I guess is a sign of her closeness! Has anyone else found difficulty getting back to sleep when they toss and turn?

The Sabian Symbol for the Moon in the 10th degree of Aquarius is “A man who had for a time become the embodiment of a popular ideal, is made to realize that as a person he is not the ideal”. This points out the need to understand that person cannot be used as a screen onto which to project one’s dream and ideals, signifying self-revaluation. It’s the difference between a living person and an archetype!

In contrast the symbol for the Sun in the 10th degree of Leo, is “Early morning dew sparkles as sunlight floods the field”. The exalted feeling that arises within the soul of the individual who has successfully passed through the long night which has tested his strength and his faith, in other words transfiguration!

The luminaries will form a wide Fixed square to Jupiter in Taurus, which has a lucky but challenging feel to it. You will be under pressure to determine what your principles are and then to live by them, stand up for what you believe in. However, you need to understand where your limits are and not put yourself under too much stress, set fair and manageable boundaries. Remember there is a limit to how many things you can work on at a time. Use the Uranian dispositor of the Moon to obtain more objectivity by distancing yourself and obtaining a clearer perspective.

Pluto has been in an almost exact square to the Lunar Nodal Axis for around a week, as the Nodes slither backward and forward. Venus has also been in an Easy Opposition to the Libran South Node she rules by sextile, whilst Neptune sextiles Pluto in the same manner. This has created a “Double Yod Key” between these two most outer bodies with Venus and her Libra South Node. Much can be gained in transformation, through adapting and flowing between your emotions, what you desire and all the possibilities you can imagine!