Taurus Scorpio Eclipse

artist unknown

The potent Taurus-Scorpio Lunar Eclipse closes the 2022 dragonhole! It is part of Series 6 South which began on March 6, 1049, over the South Pole. Bernadette Brady described the energy as being ”forceful and taking power, with a manic flavor, great force or strength manifesting in the relationship area. Individuals may experience sudden events , like falling in or out of love, or sudden sexual encounters. The individual may exert a huge effort in some group activity”.

The same energy applied to the Partial Solar Eclipse on October 25 which opened up this dragonhole between the Nodes. Neither eclipse will be visible in Eastern Australia, but this doesn’t mean we won’t feel their effects! Lunar eclipses tend to impact our inner landscape as shown in the incredible art by an unknown artist! Solar eclipses are more likely to result in external events within the collective. Both eclipses occur at the starting point of a degree, 2 degrees of Scorpio and now 16 degrees of Taurus. When working with systems like the Sabian or Chandra symbols each degree goes from 0‘ to 59’ starting from the 1st degree!

Mars, the traditional ruler of Scorpio and the Solar Eclipse, moved “Out of Bounds” past 23 degrees and 26 minutes North of the Sun and out of Sol’s influence on the evening of October 22, three days before the Solar Eclipse culminated. This has been said to make Mars associated with “elements of danger, furious temper and violence” according to experts on declination. Unfortunately he will remain able to act more suited to his own devices until May 3 2023, a long stint! On October 30 in the middle of the “dragonhole” in between the eclipses.

Mars also Stationed Retrograde, internalising the energy and causing us to review and revise actions we have taken over the last few months. In particular since September 4, when he entered his pre-retrograde shadow. He will remain in Gemini until January 13. The last time Mars spent such a long time in Gemini was in 1943/1944 when he was also both retrograde and OOB. This was when the Allies were planning their “D Day” assult to rout the Nazi occupation of France. Having the traditional ruler of the Scorpio end of the luminaries both retrograde and OOB at the time of the Lunar Eclipse, could lend an even more erratic energy than usual to the occasion.

So, the Taurus Full Moon on November 8, at 10.01 pm, positioned at 16 degrees exactly, is the starting point of the 17th degree of Taurus. This Moon will have the Sabian symbol “A symbolic battle between ‘swords and ‘torches’ This image expresses the refusal to depend on the past, the seeker turning into a warrior and fighting anew the eternal Great War, a polarization of values!

The Sun in the 17th degree of Scorpio will have as his symbol, “A woman, fecundated by her own spirit, is great with child.” This speaks of the transformational way of existence, a total reliance upon the dictates of the God coming from within us.

The Moon will be applying to conjunction with Uranus by less than one degree, whilst her ruler Venus, will be separating from her union with the Sun on October 23, by just over 4 degrees. Mercury, who deposits Mars in Gemini, will be applying to the Sun by just 8 minutes. This is a very highly charged eclipse indeed!

Saturn will be squaring the eclipsing luminaries by less than 3 degrees, a further indication of difficulty, discord and unrest. As if the energy wasn’t as conflict driven as it is, the asteroid Achilles, erratic Greek hero of Homer’s Trojan War is starting to move closer to Mars, and will remain within 2 degrees of the God of War throughout December and January. (You can read more about this in next months edition of the CIA Timelords magazine due out in early November). https://cosmicintelligenceagency.com/timelords-magazine-opt-in/

Be careful driving over the next few months and try to avoid conflict whenever you can!