The Taurus Partial Lunar Eclipse Full Moon will line up on October 29, at 7.24 am at 5 degrees and 9 minutes, the 6th degree, opposite to the Sun in Scorpio. It will be visible to us here in Australia but the Eastern States will only see the penumbral phase as shown in the time and date map shown below.

Lunar Eclipse Oct 23



The Sabian Symbol for the Moon is ”Cantilever bridge over a deep gorge”, this describes the conquest of separateness through group co-operation, the ability to conquer objects. The Sun at 6 degrees of Scorpio, has the symbol “The gold rush tears men away from their native soil”, the passionate search for new values which at any level promise a more abundant life, greed or avidity.

The Moon will be conjunct asteroid Hephaestus, the Smith God and widely conjunct Jupiter both in retrograde motion. It could be a good time to mull over what you might be able to build in the future to expand your horizons.

The Scorpio Sun will be conjunct Mercury and more widely Mars. Time to consider what must be addressed to assist your physical well-being and material security. Emotional considerations may have to be placed on the back burner, as something needs to be forsaken in order to gain balance in the situation.

An easy opposition, (or trine from the Sun and sextile from the Moon) to Vesta at 7 degrees and 24 minutes of Cancer, may help to integrate the energies. It will be wise to stay true to your values and what your intuitive thoughts are indicating. Try meditating gazing into an open flame of some description.