Deeper Understanding of Chiron Wounds with Mercury

Mercury moves to connect with Chiron and Uranus on Saturday. Perfecting at 10.08 am the trickster will start by forming a productive sextile to Chiron, giving you the opportunity to dig deeper for a better understanding of your Chiron wound and themes as well as to communicate and express them to others.

Saturn Sextile Neptune

Saturn will be making his final helpful sextile of the year to otherworldly Neptune on November 9, exact at 1.45 pm  You will feel this strongest when they are moving together, over the last day or so.  It will enable you to apply both vision and commitment to achieve what you have dreamed about during the earlier transits. 

Virgo Opportunities For Chiron Healing

Virgo opportunities for Chiron healing from 25 to 28 August (AEST) as the stellium of Venus and Mars with the Sun individually will make exact quincunx or five sign connections to the Wounded Healer.  While having nothing in common these connections can trigger an adjustment into how your Chiron wound is understood and experienced.