Sagittarius Ciro Marchetti

Art by Ciro Marchetti

The Sagittarius Full Moon will take place on May 23 at 11.52 pm AEST. The Sun made his annual conjunction with Jupiter early on May 19, before his ingress into Gemini, at 10.58 pm on May 20. The Sun was applying partile conjunct to Sedna Goddess of Bad Choices which did not bode well for decision-making in the sign of many alternatives! The pair squared asteroid Mnemosyne Goddess of Memory, so past precedents should be kept in mind! The Sun  sextiled Neptune and trined Pluto so necessary change were able to be navigated productively but may have been confusing. Asteroid Gaea (Mother Earth), opposed Pluto and formed another sextile to the Sun, so choices involved climate change and the environment.

The Sabian Symbol for Luna at 2 degrees and 55’, the 3rd degree of Sagittarius is “Two men playing chess” this represents the transcendent realization of conflict or interplay.

The corresponding symbol for Sol at the 3rd degree of Taurus is “Natural steps lead to a lawn of clover in bloom” describing the the gradual expression of the individual consciousness after a fecundating experience, natural fulfilment.

Jupiter, the despositor of the Moon, will be partile conjunct Venus in the anaretic 29th degree of Taurus, a sign Venus rules. This portends good fortune but perhaps coming in an unusual way, due to Jupiter’s continuing wide conjunction to Uranus. The lunation will strengthen the sextile to Pluto, now becoming partile. There are transformative powers in play!

Likewise, the sextile to Gaea in Leo is now also partile and includes a trine to the Sagittarian Moon.

Jupiter will finally complete his conjunction to Uranus in Taurus, joining the Sun and Venus in Gemini on May 26 at 9.15 am. Jupiter will spend just over a year in the sign until June 11 2025.

The last time we experienced this energy was from June 2012 to June 2013.

Jupiter in an Air Sign, opening us up to be willing to learn and try new experiences, it tends to open up our minds and make us less stuck in our beliefs and thinking. We will be able to see situations from the point of view of others much more clearly and be less judgmental of differences.

Opportunities to develop and grow will be likely to come from using our intellect, writing and communication in general.

Lack in following through and becoming scattered from having too many ideas at the same time will be some of the downfalls in the sign, as will be paying too much attention to gossip!

Have a look at which houses in your chart Jupiter in Gemini will be passing through, they are likely to be the lucky and productive areas of life for you during the year ahead!