Mercury Trine Higher Octave Uranus

Mercury will make exact a trine to his higher octave Uranus tomorrow at 3.39 pm.  You will feel more alive and stimulated than you have for a while.  Your intuition will be on high sensitivity and you will be curious to explore exciting new ideas and concepts. 

Mercury Sextile Chiron

Mercury in Gemini sextile Chiron in Aries is bringing you communication that helps to strengthen your sense of self-belief and knowing your purpose in life.  The aspect become exact at 6.22 am this morning. 

Mars Gets Ready to Meet the Underworld

Mars gets ready to meet the Underworld tomorrow as Saturn leaves Capricorn for Aquarius.  Its a busy time in the heavens as reflected in the world below.  Tomorrow is an extremely good time to keep a very low profile.

Weird Dreams With Moon Conjunct Neptune

Weird dreams tonight with Moon in Pisces conjunct Neptune from Midnight until 4 am!  Your fantasy generator will be stimulated and you will drift off into your own private world!  This is the best time to experience this transit as you won't be around other people to pick up their energy or try to solve their problems.

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