Capricorn New Moon 2024

The first lunation of 2024, the Capricorn New Moon, falls on the karmic 11th day of January 2024, at 10.57 pm and positioned in 20 degrees Capricorn 44’ (AEDT). It contains one of the rarest aspect patterns, the “Grand Sextile” or “Giant Hexagon”. You can see this incredible combination of aspect patterns it contains in the chart. A masterpiece of Sacred Geometry!

Six points in the softer, more feminine charged signs of the Zodiac, will be forming continuous 60 degree aspects to each other. The orbs involved will be just 21 to 96 minutes, where most astrologers would allow at least 180 minutes (i.e. 3 degrees), for a sextile. Many astrologers would dispute the use of minor planets to make up a chart pattern. However, my work has always considered a suite of some 60 minor planets, representing mythical characters involved with the more intuitive, divinitory, creative and healing side of life.

In this case Uranus in Taurus is joined by Pallas-Athena in Scorpio, Eros in Pisces, themes of masculine and feminine, positive and negative, light and dark seem to abound in all the combinations. Hopefully, the positive impact from the aspect patterns will help the world find a positive beginning to the New Year of 2024!

Juno in Virgo and Apollo in Cancer, to make up the 5 points involved with the Sun and Moon. The six-pointed “Star of David” pattern is formed by the opposition of two Grand Trines. They contain Zodiac signs of the same charge, in this case the three Earth and three Water signs. Grand Trines are always made up of signs from the same element, which explains why they help things flow so smoothly. While it may be considered lucky to have a Grand Trine in your Natal Chart, it can sometimes make you a little complacent, expecting things to fall into place too easily. Patterns involving a sextile can help you combine the energy of the planets or points much more productively, as you are gifted more opportunities and greater co-operation between the two planetary bodies. However, you need to put the effort in!

A Grand Sextile stimulates the urge to give back to the surrounding outside environment, great for supporting a social cause, open to co-operating with the needs of others. The abundant creative energies can be tapped into and expressed as magnetism and charismatic inspiration. Co-ordination and staying power enable the sensual nature to be channelled in highly imaginative ways with the feminine Earth Water combination.

The Grand Sextile can be seen to contain, 3 oppositions, 3 Kites and 3 Mystical Rectangles.The New Moon will be opposed by Near Earth Asteroid Apollo 1862, the first asteroid to be named for a male rather than a female mythical character. This was due to his inredibly eliptical orbit which crosses that of Mars, as well as coming the closest to Earth of all asteroids discovered at that time.You can read about this in more detail in the article I wrote for the latest edition of “Timelords”

The Sabian Symbol for the Capricorn New Moon at 20 degrees Capricorn 44’, the 21st degree of the sign is “A relay race”. This was felt to symbolize the value of competition in developing group consciousness when competition is between groups of individuals rather than just individuals. The whole of civilization was imagined to be a vast kind of relay race where generations carry the torch of progress. It emphasizes the value of group co-operation and necessary give and take as individuals seek to relate and adjust their strength to the challenge presented by competitors in dynamic interchange.

With the Sun and Moon in the sign of Capricorn, the focus of the new Moon will be more generally around:

• Being realistic and practical about your ambitions
• Taking your responsibilities seriously
• Gaining external recognition to raise your public status
• Making plans and strategies to achieve your potential in these areas
• Judging life from its external appearance, people by their assets
• Being serious, conservative, and favouring what is proven and traditional
• More emphasis on your practical needs than your emotional ones
• Helping the people you love to build their future

The area most aligned with the position of the New Moon can found in your natal horoscope chart, however if you only know your Sun Sign, then affirmations around the areas indicated on the next page are likely to be the most powerful, but some adjustment may be required to the life areas indicated.