Capricorn Full Moon

The Cancer Solstice will fall on June 21 in 2024, at 6.51 am, when Winter becomes darkest and coldest.

Sol will form one am of a Yod through his awkward quincunx to Pluto, making a close sextile to Asteria (Starry Sky) and her daughter Hekate (Crossroads, Transformation), forming the other arm to Pluto. Vesta (Spiritual Fire) sits on the resolution point.

Cancer Solstice 2024This suggests powerful life-changing movement over the next three-month period to the Spring Equinox.

The Sun will also make an OOS square to Neptune in the ominous anaretic last degree of Pisces (and the whole Zodiac Wheel). Neptune will remain just in Pisces, by only 4 minutes of arc at the Retrograde Station on July 3, remaining in the anaretic degree for 4 months from May 4 to September 3. During this time, we may expect to be experiencing more inner confusion and find our sensitive nature somewhat appalled at the state of humanity in general.

The best way through these Winter months will be to focus on using your compassion towards helping others less fortunate, where you are able to make a personal difference, rather than focusing on areas beyond your control. Hopefully next year, when both Saturn and Neptune leave Pisces for Aries, with Pluto remaining in Aquarius for a lengthy period, we will begin to see significant change.

The first of two Capricorn Full Moons in 2024, will perfect on June 22 at 11.08 am (AEST), with the Moon at 1 degrees and 07 minutes of the sign, its 2nd degree.

The Sabian Symbol for the Moon is described as ”Three rose windows in a Gothic church, one damaged by war” this focuses on waste, the necessary realization by any individual making a violent use of collective power, that it will still lead to the inevitable destruction of some of the values ensuring group-integration.

For the Sun in the 2nd degree of Cancer, there is the Sabian Symbol “A man on a magic carpet hovering over a large area of land”, the capacity to transcend the limitations of bodily existence. This emphasizes the ability to expand one’s consciousness by stabilizing one’s point of view at a higher level, elevation. The second Capricorn Full Moon will follow on July 21 at 29 degrees of Capricorn 08’.

I believe two consecutive New or Full Moons in the same sign, following natural order, to be far more significant than the so called “Blue Moon” when there are two Moons in one month, suiting mankind’s derived religious and secular calendar!

This will enable us to see the state of Capricorn and leadership issues much more clearly in another month’s time!

The Sun in Cancer will form the focal point of a Yod from Sedna (Bad Choices) in Gemini and Vesta (Inner Spiritual Fire) both forming quincunx aspects to the Moon in Capricorn. The Moon’s dispositor Saturn will be unaspected, as well as not in a sign where his power is emphasized, so Luna will not be coming from a position of strength.

Resolution will need to be made between past bad choices and our innermost spiritual beliefs based on our emotional foundations. Circe (Magical Shapeshifting) will make a partile square to the Sun and Moon, suggesting some changes to position will be possible.