Feeling Drained as Sun Quincunx Neptune

You may be feeling drained tomorrow as the Sun in Libra quincunx Neptune in Pisces transit becomes exact at 2.24 pm (AEST)!  The energy of any transit is always stronger in the 12 hours or so before it becomes exact, so expect to feel this through your dreams and tomorrow morning as well! 

Pisces Moon Meets Nephthys Tomorrow Morning

The Moon in Pisces will merge energy with the asteroid Nephthys tomorrow morning from 9 am to 1 pm (AEST).  Its a quiet day for the Moon, so emotionally you will be on a fairly even keel.  Nephthys was a sister to Isis the beloved, magical Egyptian Queen of the Neters.  So when the Pisces Moon meets Nephthys you need to be aware of avoiding any kind of manipulation or deception that you may be tempted to bring into play.

Total Solar Eclipse in Leo 2017

Total Solar Eclipse in Leo 2017 is exact tomorrow morning 22 August at 4.30 am (AEST) and receiving a lot of attention, as it will be the first Total Solar Eclipse visible across continental USA in 99 years and significant world events traditionally tend to erupt along the path of an eclipse.

Mars Conjunct Pluto: Control the Rage!

Mars conjunct Pluto energy brings the opportunity to balance uncontrolled violence and rage into power and mastery. Pluto is the higher octave of Mars, representing the power of our soul, our unconscious and evolutionary transformation. Mars is the warrior who gives us the courage to act, our deepest and most savage emotional drive.