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Moon Prepares to Meet the Sun

The Moon prepares to meet the Sun today leaving Leo for Virgo at 4.37 am (AEST) on Wednesday morning.  Her time in Leo will have been exciting with a trine aspect between Pluto and the Sun (Tuesday exact 9.08 am) and Venus squaring Uranus (at 1.29 am Wednesday morning)!

Mercury quincunx Uranus Adjusting!

Mercury in Libra quincunx Uranus in Taurus means adjusting the way you communicate what you love, not being too concerned about ruffling other peoples feathers or being seen to be different or have unusual ideas. 

Mercury Opposition Chiron

Mercury will perfect an opposition to Chiron the Wounded healer at 8.23 am (AEST) tomorrow morning.  Your mind will be in the driving seat with Mercury in Libra trying to balance things out and challenge you to gain a greater understanding of how and where you are wounded

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