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Chiron Stations Direct Square Jupiter

Chiron Stations Direct tomorrow at 2.47 pm (AEDT), squaring both Jupiter in Capricorn and the Moon in Cancer, less than a day after her opposition to the Sun for the Gemini Full Moon! 

Venus Conjunct Saturn Makes Love More Serious

Venus conjunct Saturn makes love more serious! Venus will be merging energy with Saturn tomorrow, exactly conjunct at 9.04 pm (AEDT), however sometimes the energy can be stronger as they are moving together!

Connections For Healing Mercury Trines Chiron

Tomorrow you will experience increased opportunities to meet, connect, communicate and be stimulated in a way that helps you further understand, heal and resolve your long term wounds as Mercury trines Chiron.

Creativity and Imagination Abound with Venus Sextile Neptune

Venus Sextiling Neptune arouses your creative and romantic imagination making you have a strong desire to be surrounded by beauty and love.  You will have a tendency to daydream and your dreams are likely to involve beautiful backdrops, this evening through until tomorrow morning when the connection will be exact at 8.48 am (AEDT).

Weird Dreams With Moon Conjunct Neptune

Weird dreams tonight with Moon in Pisces conjunct Neptune from Midnight until 4 am!  Your fantasy generator will be stimulated and you will drift off into your own private world!  This is the best time to experience this transit as you won't be around other people to pick up their energy or try to solve their problems.