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Mars in Libra Connect to Uranus in Taurus

Tomorrow evening Mars will perfect a five sign, inconjunct aspect to Uranus at 7 pm (AEST), this means you will be feeling the effect all day Saturday!  Mars is in Libra and Uranus in Taurus so they do have a link in their common ruler Venus. 

Understanding Relationships through Venus and Chiron

Understanding Relationships through Venus and Chiron can be a frustrating business, particularly when Venus is in Scorpio and not on the same page as Chiron in Aries, yet alone retrograde! 

Feeling Drained as Sun Quincunx Neptune

You may be feeling drained tomorrow as the Sun in Libra quincunx Neptune in Pisces transit becomes exact at 2.24 pm (AEST)!  The energy of any transit is always stronger in the 12 hours or so before it becomes exact, so expect to feel this through your dreams and tomorrow morning as well! 

Moon in Capricorn Gets Serious

The Moon in Capricorn gets serious tomorrow as she has her monthly catch up with the stellium of planets and asteroids in the sign.  They have been hanging out together for months preparing for the Saturn Pluto conjunction on January 13 2020 (AEST) in 3 Moon cycles' time!