Leo Venus Star

by Jofra

The Venus Star in Leo is part of the pattern that is made by conjunctions of Venus and the Sun on a regular basis.  The exact conjunction will be at 4.07 pm today (AEST) and will start a new cycle for you with regard to good luck, love and creativity in your relationships and financial projects.

The exact Venus Star in Leo will be at 21 degrees and 11 minutes of the sign.  So if  you have any of your natal planets or significant points like your Ascendant, Midheaven and Nodes, within a couple of degrees of 21 Leo, Taurus, Scorpio or Aquarius, this energy will be particularly significant for you!

On this cycle The Sun and Venus will be making an exact quincunx or 5 sign aspect to Pluto in Capricorn, so it will be a huge opportunity for transformation of past psychological or unconscious patterns that could be holding you back from reaching your true potential.  This aspect is all about making adjustments as the two signs concerned have neither element, modality or positive/negative charge in common.  There is always somewhere to find common ground and between Leo and Capricorn it is around looking good and not losing face in any way involving the way you use your creativity to succeed in your public life.

The Moon will have changed sign to Aquarius at 1.35 am this morning bringing an element of inclusion and equality to the table.  Between 1 pm and 5 pm she will be merging energy with the asteroid Circe, the shape shifting witch from Homer’s Odyssey.  Circe was skilled with herbs and able to concoct potions to turn people into pigs, lions or monsters of all kinds.  She managed to detain Odysseus on her island for a number of years and bear him children by turning his sailors into pigs!

Symbolically there is another indication around transformation here!  What do you want to shape shift into for the coming Venus cycle?  What kind of projects are you concocting in your mind for the future?

Venus Star in Leo