Art by Cameron Gray

The traditional and modern rulers of Pisces, Jupiter and Neptune come together in a productive sextile this morning at 2. 56 am on February 21.  This is the first of three sextile aspects they will form this year,  bringing you the opportunity to explore what is meaningful to you, to expand your awareness, increase your faith in the Universe and develop plans to implement your idealistic dreams for your role in it’s future.  You have probably been feeling this energy for the last 5 or 6 days culminating this morning.  You will receive two more opportunities around 28 July and 12 October to revisit and gain more insight into this theme.

You are likely to see things through a very idealistic and positive lens, so be careful before you take any action, this is a good time for planning and dreaming up concepts but not for implementing them.  You will have likely gained spiritual insight from some quite mundane parts of your everyday life and you have a strong drive to experience the higher aspects of experience.  Helping those less fortunate than yourself will bring you feelings of great fulfillment that outweighs any sacrifice you need to make on a personal level.  Resist any desires you may experience to gamble with your money or take unusual risks.

The Moon in Capricorn was merging energy with Charliko (the beautiful centaur wife of Chiron), Saturn and the asteroid Sekhmet from midnight until 3.30 am, supporting the exact aspect of Jupiter sextile Neptune, bringing power and support the manifest it in the right way for your life.  From 4 pm until 8 pm she will be connecting with the asteroid Kassandra, after changing sign to Aquarius at 6.41 am.  This may cause some brief doubts in some of the ideas that are floating through your mind and bubbling up from your imagination.

Mars is making a helpful free flowing trine to Uranus at the moment which will help you find the courage to break free from any inhibitions that hold you back from doing things you are drawn to.  This aspect will perfect around 8.09 pm tonight so today will be a perfect time to challenge yourself to undertake some exciting new activities which will liven up your psyche. This is a great opportunity for personal growth and self-discovery so take the plunge with whatever opportunities present themselves!

The Moon will merge energy with dwarf planet Ceres and the asteroid Medea from 9 pm to 5 am on Saturday morning.  This will bring about some interesting dreams as your unconscious has this opportunity to alert you to what you could be doing to use your magic in an unusual way to aid the environment and this beautiful planet we all live on.