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The Virgo New Moon will be on September 7, at 10.53 am in Melbourne (AEST). The Sun and Moon will be at 14 degrees 38 minutes of Virgo, so in its 15th degree. The Sabian symbol is “A fine lace handkerchief, heirloom from valorous ancestors”, this speaks of the quintessence of deeds well done. The theme is culture.

Virgo energy is forever seeking purification and perfection through critical analysis, it is not always easy to just let things flow. Virgo also desires health and wellbeing for everyone. This will be accentuated by a tight trine from Uranus, the collective will be a focus and unusual ideas and opinions will flow easily. Something contradictory could emerge out of the blue.

We need Uranus at the moment, to help us find innovative ways of surviving all the rules and restrictions, coming from his square to Saturn. The planet Neptune in conjunction with asteroid Pallas Athena will more widely oppose the lunation. Neptune has an other worldly quality, whereas Pallas tries to bring us down to earth. However, with Neptune in Pisces, good luck with that!

Neptune is more likely to dissolve or confuse the best made Virgoan plans! Uranus may become the arbitrator with some innovative solutions….

With the Sun and Moon in the sign of Virgo for the New Moon, the general focus will be on:

• Developing how we can be of service in the world, who and how we can mentor others
• Using our analytical abilities to emphasize the positives in ourselves rather than beat ourselves up for all the things we can be critical of
• Give with an open heart not because we feel we are expected too, learn when to say no
• Channel our nervous energy into making speedy responses rather than procrastinating
• Develop healthy habits and routines around exercise and eating, looking after our bodies
• Organize our environment and our minds, get rid of clutter that we don’t need
• Finding a passion that we would like to research and learn about
• Writing the book we have always meant to write

The area most aligned with the position of the New Moon can be best gleaned from your natal horoscope chart, however if you only know your Sun Sign, then affirmations around the areas indicated below are likely to be the most powerful, some adjustment may be required to the adjacent life areas:

Virgo New Moon Table