Venus will Station Retrograde this afternoon  May 13 at 4.44 pm, positioned at 21 degrees and 50’ of Gemini moving back through the sign approximately 40 days until June 25, when she will station direct at 5 degrees and 20’ of Gemini.

This will have an effect on what you are yearning to bring into your life and how you approach your relationships over the first two months of the new nodal cycle, (until July 29 if you include her shadow post- retrograde cycle). Venus will be the most personal and felt more strongly than two additional retrogrades, with Saturn having stationed retrograde on May 12 at 1 degree 57’ Aquarius and Jupiter to follow on May 14 at 27 degrees 14’ of Capricorn.

venus-stations-retrograde -2020

Venus first moved into  the zodiac position she will retrograde back to, on April 10, initiating the her pre-retrograde shadow period.  So from April 10 to July 29, your relationships could be front of mind.  The value you place on your connection with other people and most importantly, the value you place on yourself in relationships.  You may find yourself reflecting on past connections and how you dealt with them, particularly if there was any unfinished business on your behalf.

Mars will change sign to Pisces at 2.17 pm which will add to the emphasis on staying still reflecting and not making any important decisions or starting new activities.  You may feel conflicted and not sure how to act anyway, wanting to take the needs of others into consideration more than .you usually would