venus-ruler-of-libra-in scorpio

Venus the ruler of Libra will enter Scorpio tomorrow October 9 at 4.05 am (AEST) forming a mutual reception with Mars the traditional ruler of Scorpio in Libra. This means they can understand each other better and work together more productively.

This bodes well for love relationships until November 11, when Venus will move on into the next Zodiac sign of Sagittarius. It should also be a good time to take action on what you value or desire. You should be able to proceed more easily with projects and new ventures at this time, providing you work in unison with what other people are wanting to achieve, as well.

Mars in Libra is currently opposing Chiron in Aries which he will perfect tomorrow morning at 11.33 am so the effects are really strong now, you will be challenged to make a decision to deal with the most acute aspects of your wounds, its all about the healing and evolution of your consciousness and that is never pretty!

You will find plenty of courage from your dreams when the Moon in Aquarius will merge energy with the asteroid Achilles, from midnight until 4.30 am, the archetype of the ultimate warrior he was almost impossible to kill.

Venus in Scorpio is quite aggressive and intense about getting what she wants, you could say obsessive even!  Be careful you don’t stoop to manipulative power plays to get your own way, jealousy and possessiveness are also on the cards over the next four weeks.